While the whole world is frozen, trying to understand what is happening to us, we document history.

What is this photo project about?

“Doors Closed” is an all-Ukrainian documentary photo project by The Gate Agency about Ukrainian businesses living during the COVID-19 pandemic. One hundred owners of restaurants, travel agencies, factories, private schools, law firms, sports centers, eco-farms, IT companies, and other businesses took part and told their stories. We shot heroes in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa, Mykolayiv, Kremenchuk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Kherson, and Chernihiv. All these stories are now on the site, created for the photo project by Hexagon Agency.

How did the process look like?

We photographed business owners in their spaces: inside offices, establishments, shops, or warehouses. We learned about the history of business creation, the feeling with which people had to close their doors, thoughts about what will happen next, and how Ukrainians plan to get out of the post-quarantine crisis.

Having talked to hundreds of Ukrainian business owners, we can say that these are stories about inspiration, the power to go through the unknown, the courage to make decisions, and take responsibility for their business and team.

This is a big photo project with expressive shots, sincere stories, and extraordinary Ukrainians.

Grigory Veprik


Oleksandr Rozhenyuk


Katerina Senchenko


Olena Ivanova


About Hexagon Agency

Hexagon Agency is a design agency that knows. Knows how to create a friendly interface and design that encourages the use of the product. It also knows how to help the city remember the past, and encourage the general public to get acquainted with the quarantined business.


We have been working with large and small companies for ten years. Using our USE methodology, we have implemented projects in partnership with HP, Canon, Lipton, Vodafone, and many other brands that have changed the world. Now we are mostly inspired by bright young startups, with which we can quickly implement ideas and originate new legends together.

About The Gate Agency

The Gate Agency is a photo and video agency for business and about business. We create photo and video projects about the enterprise world – the people behind companies’ names and the companies themselves. We show the face and capabilities of Ukrainian business on a large scale and make it in style. We film individuals and their businesses. Those who lead, create, boldly move forward, and determine the future of the country.

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Дизайн і розробка
Сфера послуг

Illya Ayzenshtat

co-founder and CEO of Beeworking

Vitaliy Manchinskyy

co-founder and managing partner of PR Bar

Olena Bebko

co-founder and managing partner of restaurants Odessa and Spicy NoSpicy

Illya Hayevskyy

founder and inspirer of the project “Pyan-Se Bar”

Alla Vanetsyants

chairman of the bank “Pivdennyi”

Bohdan Prakh

rector of Ukrainian Catholic University

Vasyl Bunts

owner and founder of Gazda Group

Victor Prokopenko

co-founder of “Mac-version”

Viorel Radukan

founder of a dental clinic RADENT

Volodymyr Voronyuk

co-owner of the KAVA active recreation club, X-Room quest room franchise, B3 paintball club

Oleksandr Kramnyy

production director of the company “Wolf”

Oksana Filipova

co-owner of a network of hardware stores MTA.UA

Oksana Syhareva

founder of Academy of Visual Arts Kharkiv and ArtHub “Samokat”

Mariya Prykhodko

Founder of a strategic agency Pulsebeat and women’s series of events Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns

Marianna Bilyk

owner of a dental clinic “Bish Company”

Hanna Kikhtenko

founder and leader of MoMoYaMa Ramen Bar

Olha Mazalevska

founder and CEO of the language school ALOHA Language School

Olha Simson

co-founder and director of the Institute of Law, Technology and Innovation, ILTI

Serhiy Rovinskyy

artistic director of Odesa Green Theater

Maryna Miroshnychenko

co-founder and partner in FIZMAT

Anna Shepilova

owner of the store of Ukrainian brands Okno vo Dvor Concept Store

Hryhoriy Huroshev

co-founder and managing partner of WDD digital agency

Dmytro Boychuk

co-owner and executive director of Hexagon Agency

Ivan Ovcharenko

co-founder and managing partner of Balls barbershop

Serhiy Petrov

founder and leader of El Capitan

Andriy Kravchuk

founder of ZAVOD

Yevheniya Aratovska

founder of public organization “Ukraine Without Garbage”

Sofia Terebova

founder of the bakery March&Co

Roman Puchko

co-founder and СЕО of ReThink

Ihor Tynnyy

entrepreneur, co-founder of the Ukrainian Renewable Energy Association, restaurateur

Tata Kepler

director of the “Blyznyuky Kamikaze” family of bars

Ihor Blyznyuk

co-owner of OPEN ROOM

Oksana Borovets

co-founder and partner in Creative Womеn Spacе

Kostyantyn Yevtushenko

managing partner in UNIT.City

Olexandra Labuzinska

co-founder and CEO of New Work Labs

Maksym Prokhorov

founder and managing partner of PM PARTNERS

Mykola Onufryshyn

managing partner of Blum Hotel

Vadym Granovsky

founder of Coffee in Action and owner of coffee houses of the same name in Kyiv

Nataliya Koshcheyeva

founder of the school “Kryla” and kindergartens Creative Kids

Yuriy Fylyuk

CEO of the innovation center Promprylad.Renovation

Ulyana Lytvyn

CEO of the Grofa brand, the creative Grofa Space and the eco-hotel Grofa Hotel

Vasyl Zazulyak

co-owner and CEO of construction company “Vodogray”

Yaremkovych and Olyanytskyi

Volodymyr, the founder and HBDO and Dmytro, the CEO of  Eurotrips.

Roman Romanyuk

owner and executive director of Export Trading Group LLC

Serhiy Fitsak

managing partner in Softjourn

Yevheniy Kazakov

co-founder and brewer in the “Honir” brewery

Stefania Sahaydak

founder of a beauty salon Generation G

Tetyana Dombrovska

co-owner of financial companies Lime Cash LLC and Lime Money LLC

Tetyana Yashkina

owner of the “Okhota” chain of stores

Khrystyna Kurhanska

fragrance expert, CEO of Ol.factory

Alina Tokmylenko

managing partner of “23 Restaurants”

Andriy Stavnitser

co-owner of the restaurant Fratelli, co-owner of the private seaport TIS

Anna Seleznyova

founder of wellness centers “Maharaja Yoga & Spa & Cafe

Vadym Hefter

co-founder of the creative kitchen project “Bubamara”

Vasyl Kapatsyna

investor of the Mykolaiv shipbuilding plant “Ocean”

Volodymyr Lebedev

director of “Dim myloserdya” (The House of Mercy)

Denys Sidora

founder and CEO of the event team RUSH

Ivan Ponyuk

founder of ICstore network

Iryna Palko

founder of the “Public Speaking School of Irina Palko,” co-founder of the “Board” business community

Oksana Volodko

founder of MDK Technobud, energy audit expert

Oleg Taranenko

co-founder of coffee house “Nose”

Milutin and Zyma

founders and partners of Академія IMT

Olga Gusarova

Delivery director at AltexSoft

Sergiy Razin

founder and leader of Razin.Event.Group

Sergiy Fisenko

president of Magecom

Yulia Shum

co-founder and head coach of the sports hub network EBSH

Anatoliy Neyolov

founder and artistic director of the theater “Black Square”

Sahitov and Tishchenko

founders of studio BlckBox

Slava Zhyla

artistic director of the theater “Actor,” theater producer, founder of the theater school “Sverkhzadacha” (“Supertask”)

Shcherbyna and Doroshevska

founder of the platform “BE in UA”

Hanna Lukovkina

author and founder of “Vsi.Svoi”

Vladyslav Shtypelman

ideological inspirer and co-owner of PartnerDecor Ukraine

Oleksandra Naryzhna

the first vice-rector of the Kharkiv School of Architecture

Serhiy Nekleva

co-owner of S*EVENT

Serhiy Hryhir

director of the farm “Forest Goat”

Shelest and Skornyakova

founders of the internationalSheMax Company

Serhiy Panchenko

founder of the production company “Ministry of Doors”

Tetyana and Andriy Glebov

founders of the training center “Victory”, beauty salons “Aesthetic Studio of Tatiana Glebova” and ZEFIR

Hanna Pushkar

owner of the “Rozumka” educational center